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since I’m not going to sleep anytime soon

let me tell a tale: 

a few months back I liked this dude. the way he did shit gave me the impression that he liked me too. but he didn’t. after all the bullshit that went down, somehow we remain friends. 

SO we actually just caught up and he’s talking to some other chick. at first I was hella mad because I was all “WHY DOESN’T HE STILL LIKE ME
?” then I remember I had seriously moved on and actually began a mega-lightweight relationship with someone. so really I didn’t care. 

THEN THE ASSHOLE tells me about all the shit he does for her: drives to her house all the time, buys her flowers, talks to her till the wee hours of the night….all the shit he did with me. now this really irks me because he told me that was how he expresses his friendship, but now he’s doing the same things for someone he likes? W T F. 

stiiillllllllllllllll I had met someone, so I gave negative fucks. I decided to inform my former affectionee about my new dude. he offered me this condescending "well good for you" to showcase how he felt. THAT’S WHAT SET ME OFF. Excuse me sir, yes I liked you, but mainly because you fucking LEAD ME ON. Could I have been smarter about the whole situation and stopped wasting my time? yes. but hey, yes I was burned but I call it a lesson learned. the only reason why I’m so bitter is because he came off in such a way where he felt that he was SOOOOOOOO great that it would take all the power in the universe to get over him. 

it didn’t
took like 3 texts. 
get off your fucking dick. 

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I’m into feeling and I’m feeling myself #selfiesunday #selfie #me #smileofagoddess #pjsofahotmess #howido

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selfies on deck #selfie #me #glasses #thatistolefromsomechickwhowouldntstfu #thatsmiletho

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it angers me when SOMEONE is like “I super like you” but never talks to you! Ugh I hate sounding like a fucking whiny teenaged brat but grrrrrrr. If I LIKE you, then clearly I WANT TO TALK TO YOU. So why ignore me if you plan on having anyone to do with me? It makes me feel like I’m an annoying person. Desperate for attention even.
But I’m not. In fact, no one is. Cuz when someone truly appreciates you, they won’t ever think you’re a bother. I just gotta remember that.

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this can’t be what shallow is.

this guy I met. he wants to be something with me, fwb, gf/bf, he’s very vaaaaague.

if he wants the former, I’m not even 70% attracted to him.

the latter? well he doesn’t go to school, doesn’t have a job, doesn’t have a car (for you big city kids, that’s important to us here), and lives with his parents (this is excused when you are actually doing something with your life). 

I don’t gonna sit here and feel like the bad guy, but why should I waste time on someone who isn’t bringing their A game?

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if I could have one wish

I would want a dating environment that didn’t revolve so much around sex. 
personally, I think it’s more enjoyable when you’re in a meaningful relationship (however I do not discriminate those who don’t share my opinion) 

BUT because of my “ideals” since I haven’t trusted anyone enough, I’ve never had sex. I’m fine with it, but APPARENTLY to everyone else it’s a problem. 

so when I’m chatting it up with some dude and he’s like “wait, you’re not a virgin are you?” I get two responses, either he thinks I’m a prude and decided I’m no longer interesting OR I’m suddenly a challenge and he tries extra hard to relieve of my “burden”

so if you ever wondered why I’m so jaded, boom there you go

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Me: (talking about new hours for work) I would have to work 12 hour shifts Monday thru Friday
friend: ain't nobody got time for that
Me: but I would make $950 every two weeks
friend: you could make a little time for that
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They had these cool stickers that said “I love men”, but I fixed mine #Sacramento #sac #sacpride #pride #pridemonth #lgbt #conceited #cocky #justsayingthetruth #me #selfie

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Another #selfie. Cuz I can. #me #tired #bored #face #smile #lipstick #pink #messybackground #themost

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make you feel unpretty too

so recently I’ve been wearing my natural hair because well, why not. I thought myself to be someone who was comfortable enough to do it, just didn’t because DOING MY HAIR EVERYDAY TAKES FOREVERRRR. 

so I’ve retired my weaves and honestly I fucking hate it. Maybe I’m just not used to it yet, but I hate the way I look without my fake hair. Like I can’t fucking stand it. What made matters worse was when my best friend noticed it too. He said “you’re not as confident as you usually are”. He is so right; my confidence level is -54. 

so now i’m in this weird predicament where I know that I should be proud of who I am and what I’m blessed with, but if I don’t look good I feel like shit and it shows. 

unfortunately my looks are THAT important to me. 

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it’s funny because I played Jan in our High School Production of Greaseand I would totally do this shit

it’s funny because I played Jan in our High School Production of Grease

and I would totally do this shit

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Did I mention I met Raja and Shangela? #sacstate #prideweek #raja #shangela #drag #rupaulsdragrace #awesome #excited #fierce #sickening #rpdr

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So at Badlands this #gogodancer #boy had a #cute #butt #ass so of course I got me a pic with it HOWEVER I did not expect him to turn around and put his #dick #penis on my back. You can sense how #uncomfortable and #awkward that was #sober #clublife #neveragain #wellmaybejustonemoretime

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Iiiiiiiiiit’s Sister Time! #sisters #twins #downtown #drinking #drunk #drank

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I am so glad I got a smartphone so I can increase the number of pictures of me

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